I am not a professional

The problem with student photographers, or aspiring photographers, is that they are too quick to try and promote themselves as professional. These people still have a lot of photographic knowledge to learn, but still, they whip out their 'professional' camera and breezily say "Yeah, I'm a pro photographer." I hate to break it to you.… Continue reading I am not a professional

The problem I’ve found with Street Photography

 Street Photography is the cool kid of the photography class. There is no way to deny this fact, its the equivalent of graffiti in the Art world (I know Photography is Art - just shush I'm trying to write here!). Street Photographers are admired for their originality or their ability to boldly push their lenses… Continue reading The problem I’ve found with Street Photography

Canon Eos M – Hands on Review

 After the awesome response to the review I did recently of the instax mini 90 (link here), I thought I would review my only compact system camera - the Canon Eos M.  I got this for Christmas last year and being an avid photobug, I was excited to use it for a variety of shots.… Continue reading Canon Eos M – Hands on Review

Instax Mini 90 – Hands on Review

I recently got into Analogue Photography after several 'professionals' demanded it was the only way to master your photography skills. So I got an old Voigtlander camera from my Grandmother which took 35mm film but there was a problem with the rewinding wheel meaning that it would catch on any film that I had finished.… Continue reading Instax Mini 90 – Hands on Review