The problem with Writing

First I'm going to apologize for being away for nearly 2 months, but I did have a lot of assignments and exams for university thus my absence. Now, I thought I would get a few things off my chest on the subject of writing. Journalistic Writing: features and such... I enjoy writing for this blog.… Continue reading The problem with Writing

Royal Exchange Beggar

He sits under the archway Sitting on a black canvas bag. His hood pulled over A shorn head. "Spare some change? Thanks very much," He says, McDonalds cup outstretched No one gives him any. A woman in professional Dress, skitters past Pulling her coat away From the beggar. Body twisted to avoid him. He takes… Continue reading Royal Exchange Beggar


Leaves fall on my skin I smile lightly At the old woman Who doesn't like me. My boots scuff against A pavement cracked With age. The trees are bone- Cold like the cities Around them. I watch commuters Packed into cars For four but they are one. Steaming up windows. I can see my breath.… Continue reading Autumn